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Other Ways to Get Involved

You can donate your time, talents, or money.

Success Stories

Read about how RPA has assisted citizens in rate protests. More Info...

How to Protest a Rate Increase

Proposition 218 allows the public to submit a written protest of a proposed rate increase. If greater than 50% of the ratepayers protest an increase, rates cannot be increased. Details & Protest Form...

Make a Contribution

Ratepayer Protection Alliance is working hard to minimize costs of informing the public of unfair rate increases. RPA operates on the donated time of volunteers and no one is paid for their efforts. Also, we are collecting email addresses so that we can keep you up to date on rate issues at no cost. However, there are some expenses that are difficult to avoid. Many ratepayers do not have email and must be contacted via US mail. Also, RPA will need funds for mailers to rebut propaganda realeased by special interests and even your local government.

If you would like to make a contribution our effort, here are ways to help: