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45% Water Rate Increase May Be Delayed Until After Election

Upcountry Vote on GSL Property Tax Planned for February 2013

Jackson To Pay Over $19,000/Year for Pipeline They Donít Use

Camanche Outreach Meeting September 13

About RPA

Ratepayer Protection Alliance (RPA) was formed to support the rights of the people of Amador County against unfair rate increases, which are usually used to subsidize special interests. Recently, RPA has assisted citizens who successfully protested several water rate increases. RPA is committed to ensuring that water, wastewater and garbage rates in Amador County are justified, and do not unfairly burden local residents.

RPA works hard to minimize costs of informing the public of unfair rate increases. RPA operates on the donated time of volunteers and no one is paid for their efforts. Donations for postage costs can be sent to:
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45% Water Rate Increase May Be Delayed Until After Election

After learning that two AWA Board seats will be contested in this November's election, the AWA Directors twice decided to stall sending out water rate increase notices. They voted to postpone approval of the rate notice a full month until September 13th, despite their attorney having expressed great urgency to get the rate increase notice sent to the ratepayers. When asked why last-minute revisions to the rate plan had not been presented sooner, General Manager Gene Mancebo confirmed that it was after RPA had publicized that the original proposed rate increases would be as high as 45%.

Politics may be at play here. Directors Thomas and Farrington face re-election in November. After the AWA meeting on August 9th, Jim Ulm (Ione, District 2) and Gabe Gottstein (Volcano, District 3) filed to run against Thomas and Farrington, respectively. Bill Condrashoff observed, "Raising rates during the campaign period will hurt the incumbents' chances for re-election. I believe AWA will stall the rate increase until after the election."

Read on for a timeline of events surrounding the delay

Upcountry Vote on GSL Property Tax Planned for February 2013

To pay for the Upcountry Gravity Supply Line, AWA is proposing an estimated $100/year tax on all properties in the GSL Community Facilities District (Upcountry). The ballots should be sent out around February 1, 2013 and the vote certified in March 2013. If more than 1/3 of voters object, the tax will not be enacted.

Jackson To Pay Over $19,000/Year for Pipeline They Don't Use

On August 14, City of Jackson leaders met with AWA to discuss AWA's latest systemwide rate plan, which requires Jackson to pay $19,196 per year for debt service on the Plymouth pipeline. Jackson does not use the Plymouth pipeline, and were told before it was built that it would not cost them anything. Now that the pipeline is complete, AWA consultant Bob Reed has devised a new rate study that requires Jackson to pay part of that cost.

Camanche Outreach Meeting Set for AFTER Rate Decision

AWA will hold another outreach meeting under the auspices of the Lake Camanche Village Owner's Association (LCVOA). LCVOA Board member Vera Ferguson has asked AWA to bring documentation for the cost of providing service to the Camanche area. That information was first requested in March 2011, but the Directors have refused several requests to make it available. The meeting will be held on September 13 at 7:00 PM at the Camanche Hunt Club (2951 Curran Rd). Interestingly, this meeting is scheduled AFTER the AWA meeting at which the Board will consider sending out rate increase notices.

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