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AWA Board Approves Loan to Wastewater ID#1

Although ratepayers have expressed concerns about accurately accounting for funds, the Directors are continuing the practices that have resulted in AWA’s current financial uncertainty. More

AWA Board Suspends Wastewater Increase, Avoids Prop 218

On June 28, 2012, the AWA Board voted to suspend, rather than eliminate, a 9% rate increase to Wastewater ID#1 customers. This allows the Board to simply increase the rate by up to 9% at any time without following the Proposition 218 process. More

About Prop 218

Proposition 218 allows ratepayers to protest water rate increases. If a majority of ratepayers protest an increase, the rates cannot be raised. Ratepayers do have the ultimate say in whether their rates will go up or not.
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Success Stories

Read about local ratepayers who have successfully protested rate increases.

Wastewater Service Areas

The Amador Water Agency owns and operates several different wastewater systems in various areas throughout Amador County, including:

Click on the map below for a detailed view, including city wastewater management systems not managed by AWA (Jackson, Ione, Amador City, Plymouth & Sutter Creek - noted in gold on the map). AWA Wastewater System Map