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RELATED STORY: Jackson to Pay $19,000/Year for Pipeline They Don't Use

On August 14, 2012, City of Jackson leaders met with AWA to discuss AWA’s latest systemwide rate plan, which requires Jackson to pay $19,196 per year for debt service on the Plymouth pipeline. Jackson does not use the Plymouth pipeline, and were told before it was built that it would not cost them anything. More...

Jackson City Council Objects to AWA Rate Study

On August 27, the Jackson City Council voted 5-0 to send a letter to AWA objecting to AWA’s proposed consolidated rate increase. If the council doesn’t receive what they consider a satisfactory response, then they will consider hiring an independent auditor.

The City’s main objection is that AWA is charging Jackson $19,196 annually for the cost of the Plymouth Pipeline. The City’s water does not travel through the Plymouth Pipe and AWA told the City years ago that they would not be expected to pay for the pipeline.

Council member Keith Sweet stated “We need to get it on record that we object to the Plymouth Pipeline fees.” After Sweet spoke, Mayor Pat Crew told the public, “I don’t see any benefit for us from the Plymouth Pipeline and I really think it is a very hard sell to our citizens that Plymouth rates are going down while ours are going up.”

In the Council meeting, AWA General Manager Gene Mancebo explained that Jackson will pay the costs of all water transmission whether they use the pipe or not. The Plymouth Pipeline takes water to the north of AWA’s treatment facility at Sutter Hill. That water is delivered to Sutter Creek, Amador City, Drytown and Plymouth but not Jackson. Although it was not discussed at the meeting, Jackson is also charged for expenses of the Ione Transmission Line that delivers untreated water to Ione. Jackson does not use any of the water that flows thorough the Ione line, nor does treating that water at the Ione plant benefit Jackson residents.

RELATED STORY: Jackson to Pay $19,000/Year for Pipeline They Don't Use